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    Movies that have influenced you

    I'm curious to hear what movies you guys have found really influential to you. Y'know how sometimes you watch a movie that just rocks your understanding of what a film can be and what a film can do? Or just changed the way you look at movies? What are some films that have done that for you guys...
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    film school vs. self-taught

    Truly, the most important thing film schools give you is connections, which are critical to success in the business. That said, it also really depends on what you wanna do. If you wanna be a cinematographer, some formal education will really help you a lot (as well as having access to the...
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    Interested in acting but don't know how to pursue.

    Y'know, the great thing is it doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing. While you're still in your small town, pick up a book with some monologues and memorize a couple. There are plenty of books and articles you can read to help you learn a bit about acting, but in the end, experience is the...
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    Recommended Books

    I must add Making Movies by Sidney Lumet to this list. It's a fantastic read that has some really interesting and insightful thoughts from a true master on the subject. If nothing else, it gets me extremely excited about filmmaking and movies in general. When you're dogged down in some really...
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    Hey! I'm new here!

    Hey guys! My name is Adam, I'm a film student at a liberal arts school on the east coast. I've been making short films basically since I was in middle school, and I'm feverishly working on my first feature film with a friend of mine, which is super exciting. I wanted to join a new community...