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    upgrade from consumer video camera

    It does seem weird to use a photograph camera to make videos, but what really counts is the video quality, and for the price, it can't be beat. The only footage I have seen that is better then the 7D is the RED, but it's about 15 times more expensive. You can go on Vimeo and watch some footage...
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    What weather should I film my movie in?

    Blacking out windows is where you put a black sheet over the window to block out all the sunlight so that it looks like night time inside. We were filming inside a warehouse in the daytime, so I had to get HUGE black tarps and put them over all the windows.
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    Anyone here do no-budget filmmaking?

    The two most important things is that you need good audio and good lighting. You can do lighting with lamps around your house or you can buy cheap lights at Home Depot. A shotgun mic works good for audio, but you might just be using the mic on the camera. Just make sure you don't film outside...
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    I am in film school and I made a short film to get accepted. Most film schools want to see that you are interested in making movies and that you are able to create a story. I think I would have had less of a chance of getting in if I would have just sent in a music video I mad. Showing that you...
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    Hello Everyone

    You can go to Home Depot and get flood lights and then buy gels to change the color temperature. It's not the best, but it's definitely the cheapest. You can also use white boards to reflect lights.
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    upgrade from consumer video camera

    I have the Canon XL2 and have been using it for about 2 years now. It is great for making standard definition videos! The only problem is that everyone is moving towards HD now. I am looking at selling my XL2 and getting the Canon 7D. You might want to look at that. The footage looks amazing...
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    lake - new short !!

    Hey man the shots were really impressive for a cell phone. Once you have real equipment, your stuff will look awesome. I liked what you did to the audio and color corrections in this. The cinematic wide lens added a cool effect also. Good luck.
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    Film composer - orchestral music - for free

    Good stuff man! I am a student filmmaker in Michigan. Do you create the music yourself on a keyboard, or do you use pre recorded audio tracks and put them together into a song? I would like to see some of your work on a video online. If I gave you one of my short films in the future, would you...
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    Color Correction

    As far as the video you already filmed, there are some things you could do to make it better. It all depends on what software you use. if you are using final cut pro, I like to use something in the video filters called "Image mask" it makes it look a lot like film. You can also up the contrast...
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    Editing Programs!

    If you can get a Mac, id start out with Final Cut Express. It's a great thing to get before you purchase Final Cut Pro. If you really want to become an editor, id advise you to start learning bigger software like that.
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    cam opinions/advice.

    The pd150 is pretty good, but if you want something with a great image and awesome shallow depth, I would think of purchasing a Canon 7D ($1,800). The only con with that is that you can't get great audio in camera. But you can purchase the Zoom h4n 4-track recorder ($299). It records great audio...
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    What weather should I film my movie in?

    It all depends on where you live, but I would advise you to film when it's warmer. I live in Michigan and I just got done on a film set as a grip. It was about 35 degrees outside and I had to black out windows outside. By the end of the day I was feeling sick. Although, the winder sky looks...