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    Narrowing of the business

    Try reading Stephen Follows blog for facts - I broke some down on a blog posts here - 4 reasons why the film industry is not as doomed as you think it is - We are definitely over saturated...
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    Narrowing of the business

    I am going off BFI statistics - low and no budget filmmaking is decreasing. There was a peak of low budget films in 2008-2010 brought on by dslr filmmaking and crowdfunding - however since 2010 low budget filmmaking is falling and will carry on falling. Which is good news for serious filmmakers...
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    Good movies

    watched the prestige for the first time last night and loved it. I am hoping to watch some good films soon, in mute so I can study the camera movement.
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    Looking for film video and TV jobs?

    Lots of places to look - unfortunately this is an old list - searching on twitter has worked for me before
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    I love everything about making movies

    Will be when I turn it into a job. Its got to be one of the hardest jobs.
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    Filming A Oil Painting Scenes?

    Do you have to show the actual actor painting? perhaps a get an actual artists stand in and paint from behind. Or maybe you could record the oil painting montage separate and mask it in on After Effects. I think it all relies on what shots you use. amy
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    my short film blog

    Cool blog Kiyong. My film blog - X)
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    Best camera for an aspiring filmmaker

    I'd say the Canon 550D would be your best option. When you get more money you can save up and buy more lenses.) amy
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    Future of Film vs Digital

    I agree with Shawheen. Film makers now have more options, such as 3D, film is just another tool to be used in film making. 'The Artist 'for example was silent black and white film. I can see silent cinema making a come back. amy
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    First attempt of street photography

    Hi, I've taken up photography as part of my University course in film making. I'm hoping that it will give me more of an insight into lenses and shooting on film (which I hope to do some day but can't afford to now). I've attached my photos to this link: It's...
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    Going to be starting a blog here about a particualr project.

    Looking forward to it Looking forward to it Looking forward to it Doc, especially the bit about the mistakes,) there seems to be a lot of film maker blogs out there that don't mention the bad bits of film making (and the mistakes they make) in the fear it'll make them look less...
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    What editing software to use?

    It's not about the editing software its about the editors vision. There's no 'specific' editing software that you 'should' use. If you can cut and stick the footage together that's all you need. I think companies who insist that you 'must' use final cut miss the point, the quality of an editors...
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    Up-coming artist looking to shot a documentary!

    Send an email to film schools/ university's which study film/documentary about your project and you might find an interest there. All the best, Amy
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    How do I remove self-consciouness when acting?

    To Cesar To Cesar Its OK, everyone is self conscious and most actors are completely embarrassed about acting when they do it. In time things will get easier, but you have to start somewhere - so throw yourself in to the deep end, id say that you should try auditioning and acting in student...
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    DVD that cannot be duplicated

    what i would do what i would do Hello, I'm pretty sure that all DVDs can be copied at least if someone really wanted to do it they could. If I was you I would but it online - on Vimeo for example; password protect it and make sure that the options for your film are set for unable to download...