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    Sullivan Creek Sasquatch Film Trailer:

    I started out using a Canon Vixia HF R600 (1080 HD) to shoot with and a few weeks ago I purchased a Canon Vixia G60 (4K camera). I also have a GoPro 6 I use to shoot action B Roll. I've been using Premier Pro to edit with, but am planning to switch to Davinci as soon as I upgrade my MackBook...
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    Sullivan Creek Sasquatch Film Trailer:

    Hi Kim, Thank you and glad you got a chuckle out of the trailer. Yes, Brian Marshall White. I started going by my middle name lately for creative projects. I use to live in Hawaii and do lots of paintings, but have moved on to filmmaking as my creative outlet lately.
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    Causality story sequencer app

    I Downloaded it, but apparently my MacBook is too old. I'm planning on buying a new MacBook, so I will have to wait a few months to try the program. Thanks for making me aware of it.
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    Causality story sequencer app

    Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply to my questions. I will try the free version first to see how I like it and take my time learning it. Thank you. Marshall White
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    What is your favorite Camera and Why

    For the last five years I've used a starter camera: Canon Vixia HF R600, but just upgraded to a Canon Vixia G60 4K camera. I tried a friends Sony 4k $3500 dollar camera, but the colors are too cool whereas the Canon Camcorders have a warmer look which I prefer. The G60 has everything I need for...
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    Causality story sequencer app

    This looks very cool. I write stories for film and books and would love to try it out. I searched the site for the product for a Q&A section but did not see it, so I will ask you.... 1. Is Causality Mac compatible? I have a MacBook Pro. 2. Is Causality a ONLINE program? Do I have to be connected...
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    Sullivan Creek Sasquatch Film Trailer:

    I made this trailer for a documentary I'm making... Of course I have no Idea what the full story is yet because I am still filming researchers for the rest of the summer - BUT HERE IS the first movie trailer I made to introduce what will be a feature film this fall (2020). I'm actually doing all...
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    DIY Space Cockpit Set for Filming

    I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you some ideas for creative filmmaking.
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    Film Club Video

    I made this before I made the 10 Elements of a film. Just to share with and encourage other young filmmakers who are just getting started. I made this by myself because I still don't have others in my area that I've found who are interested in making films.
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    Learning Filmmaking

    Okay Bryan, I'm really new to this forum and only been making small films and videos for five years. I'm sure there are others more qualified than I am who could give you better feedback. But I will give it a shot. I think for your first-ever video that you did a incredible job. In fact you did...
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    10 Filmmaking Elements 4 Beginners video

    Thank you. It was fun making the video and sharing what I've been learning.
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    10 Filmmaking Elements 4 Beginners video

    Thanks for watching it Kim. Yes, it is! Your story is the most important element of your film. I state that in the video.
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    Filmmaker's Story Roulette Wheel challenge game...

    Anyone tried this writer's game yet? Brian.
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    10 Filmmaking Elements 4 Beginners video

    Please check it out and leave me a comment if you like it. I've been doing film/video mostly by myself, but learning all the different skills as I do.