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    Help with frozen in air shot....

    Ok, i got some information In the special feature of the <HEROES>SEASON 1 the se supervisor shows the scene which Hiro frozen the time to save the little Japanese girl every thing was frozen but Hiro because everyone in the street were just "freezing" by them self. And some guy ride on a bike...
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    Color Pass Question...

    "leave color" will be help but don't forget: totally control the color you shot just like MarkG said
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    Down Converting 1080/30p to 720/24pA

    premiere is just for edit "down convert" is not perfect but you can try "adobe media encoder" you can convert any format you want but the field problem will not be perfect the best convert i've ever seen is the magic bullet for ae, it's really good, but too expensive!
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    get a mark on your actor's Finger(red is good) wave it, do some action(just like the movie) in ae, track it's path(pro version) draw some lines, for animation set to flow your path draw some cool Forms,windows to scale with it that's easy (that's just still shooting, if you want do the...
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    Slow motion issue

    that's easy in shooting make sure your camcorder's shutter speed up to 1/100, that's help you to reduce the motion-blur(make sure you get the enough light to get the right exposure ) and get the footage into the software which get "speed/duration" (like pr) get the time to 60-70 percent...
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    Color Correction

    get the adobe ProductionPremium will be help you can link the ae and pr but that's cost too much, we students can't afford it my way get the footage put it in the time line you can control the layer's time mix different layer head by tail do the transition by keyframe
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    it's nothing about the "soul" you need to read the instruction first, what is you computer hardware level? if your computer is old and don't have large ram... which kind of footage? HD OR SD? when you are working, adjust the preview window quality to low level( 1/2,1/3,1/4) select the layer...
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    Photoshop Question...

    you can create a new shortcut for the rotate or doing follow "alt"--"i"--"e"--"1,9,0,a,h,v" or press"m" get the whole pic and do ctrl+t(transform) use mouse to control the angle
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    Get your work on the IMDB but don't have a right person for the color correct? save the $500 and try some plug-in, like magic bullet, sapphire effects or the 55mm , to invite a smart guy in the art school, that will be fine p.s."add a new life and look to the movie" that must mean a kind of...
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    And "SQUARE PX" may be the mistake we know that the pixel in the computer is square but in the tv, it will be Rectangular and your comp size is not the standard so, that's maybe the problem
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    I think the problem is the quicktime format trans to mpeg2 and i don't get it: why your video size is 1024x576, the letter box? the standard pal size is 720x576 if you still have the project file, try to re-render it to avi or tga(or tiff) I think that will keep the hi-quality image...