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    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    Sony F5 and the Sony F3 with Cooke and Zeiss lenses for dramatic narrative. But we also have the JVC GY 700 - its a great shoulder camera for doc and news and educational videos. We just bought three Blackmagic HD studios cameras for a small Tv studio we are building. I would highly recommend...
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    Article: LED lighting concerns

    You can view the page at
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    Shot Lists

    Yes, I add lenses and filters to the shot list. That might change but at least it gives us a start to see what we're looking at as fast as possible. It helps the Ad and the director's work flow as they have something to look at immediately during the blocking rehearsal.
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    Shot Lists

    A lot of it has to do with your schedule. I did an indie feature that only had 18 day (three weeks) to shoot. We shot with two cameras and every night after dinner I would sit with the director and Ad and we'd do the shot list for the next day. We had scouted a month before and I had written...
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    Lighting Webinar based on my new book on lighting

    That sounds great - let me know. Also, can you use some of the articles for HD Pro magazine?
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    Lighting Webinar based on my new book on lighting

    Once you get settled in lets discuss it. Should be fun.
  7. D - The Promotional Video

    looks great!
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    Lighting Webinar based on my new book on lighting

    Hi Kim, They asked me. I would be happy to do one with you. But I really prefer doing live in person lighting seminars. Tomorrow, for example, I’m going down to a high school that has a media program and showing them how to work with what they have. I have several lighting seminars I could do...
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    Lighting Webinar based on my new book on lighting

    Hello All, My new book, "Lighting for Cinematography" ( has been gaining a lot of attention and I've been asked to host a webinar on lighting. I never really considered the idea of teaching lighting through the internet before. This should be a very interesting...
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    Lighting Webinar this Thursday

    Hello All, I will be hosting my first webinar this Thursday on lighting. Never thought about teaching lighting through the internet before. Should be a interesting experience. If you are interested in lighting, cinematography or are an indie filmmaker this might be of interest to you. Here's a...
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    LED lighting concerns

    There has been a lot of discussion in the industry and on many websites about the use of the new LED fixtures in cinematography. Litepanel came out with the first really widely used units for filming with their on camera bricks and their 1x1 panels. Many embraced them while others were very...
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    New blog on lighting

    If you're interested in lighting and cinematography you may find my blog on what's new in lighting of interest. I post photos and write about the new things I've come across from shooting, working on sets on the lighting crews and going to conventions that may be useful to others. Below is a...
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    New Book on lighting for cinematography students and filmmakers on a budget

    Hello all, I’d like to get the word out about my book, which is coming out this month. I have been teaching lighting at Fairleigh Dickinson University for the past 12 years and while there are some excellent books on cinematography out there, such as Film Lighting and Reflections, I never...