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    iMac for editing vs. PC

    Here are the reasons why you should go for PC more then mac. 1. Macs cost alot more then a PC. 2. If you're a student and cant afford to buy software, well I hate to say it, but PC has more stuff for free ;) if you get my drift. 3. Yes, Final Cut Pro is a great program, but if you want to edit...
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    Avid Xpress Pro HD

    yea, try and use an Nvidea card. Quadro FX cards would be best. But I know that Avid works in Legacy mode. Which means should work with a bunch of different vid cards.... Ummm gl :)
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    Calling all vegas users

    yo, whats up
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    sound recording with iMovie

    garage band usually comes with ilife... so if you have imovie... you probably have garage band too.
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    XL-2 vs DVX-100

    DVX!!! all the way
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    Converting sessions from Avid Pro to Final Cut Pro

    it came with avid... just export from avid an ALE and then go into Avid Log Exchange and change it into FCP... or was it... no I'm pretty sure its Avid ALE... well hope that was it.. I usualy dont convert from Avid to FCP... gl!
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    Episode 2 of my short film series.... feedback?

    very clean set up, I can tell you spend time to light... Maybe?!?!?! and art direction, setting your scene with the stuff you need. a few suggestions for your next episodes. I noticed you only have like 2 different shots for both the guys. Seeing that its short, it works, but if you want to...
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    Is Film School overrated?

    So far, I can tell you that Film school is a place where you'll get the chance to shoot a film for Cheap and at the same time build contacts for the future. I've met some NYU students in film, and they seem to like it. You get to shoot on an Arri SR1 first year, so thats cool.. My first year...
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    VideoCamera for shallow depth of field

    if your looking for Stander Def.. Panasonic DVX100 if you looking for HD Panasonic HVX200 either or, Panasonic is the most film like in nature GL!
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    Editing on two vcr's

    I've done VTR editing. Not with VCRs but with actually Video Tape Recorders. Tape because its higher end stuff. Yup VTR editing is much like editing with a Steenbeck and film. Just you don't have any loose film lying around. Linear editing is what this kind of editing is called. I did...
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    What kind of degree, backgrounds, trainings would I need to

    being a good film editor is more then just editing film. It's re-writing someone's story. If you want to become a film editor, I would suggest taking some film aesthetic classes, and montage film studies classes where you'll watch a ba-jillion films and will be forced to write papers on...
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    A short experimental piece

    what are your influences for this film? Also here's a good question, what are you trying to do with the film, what is it's purpose. Without any artist statement its really hard to gauge what you're trying to do. Can we have any background on the why and how you trying to achieve your goal in...
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    XL H1 vs AG-HVX200

    the canon cam is HDV.... the HVX real HD.... cmon
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    starting a post- production company

    what!?!?! you want to start a post-prod house? and your on a budget.. thats not really how you should be starting. Postproduction is going to be souly based on your target market. What kind of films do you want to get finished etc etc etc. its not worth putting your self into debt, but buy...
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    you want to know what is the best plug-in in the world for Green Screen! ultimate advantage. I've done some pretty good keys on DV cam formats at pretty bad resolutions in one click. BUT this is what I have to say, HD is PERFECT lol. It...