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    Let's Build The Internet's Pixar

    The tasks that you will be handling as a writer with E.Wil Entertainment will be: • Meet at writer's meetings or forums as we discuss the creative direction of the show for the season and as a whole. • Be assigned to write a few episodes for one or a couple of shows and be compensated for them...
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    Let's Build The Internet's Pixar

    Hi, I'm Evan and I have been noticing things lately. When you think of the Internet, you think of: • Conspiracy Sites • Porn • Crowdfunding Sites • YouTube • Music Videos • Funny web shows • Celebrity Gossip • Facebook • And the list goes on and on. . . However, one thing about Internet...
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    Ten Habits Of Highly Successful Screenwriters!

    What about the 11th habit? Learn how to sell.
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    How to say that a character is moving closer to us/the viewer/the camera?

    Avoid using words like camera and on words like you.