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    Mac Pro vs Macbook Pro for editing

    I'm looking for a computer to edit with. What are the pros and cons of each? What tech specs are most important for editing? Also, is there much of a difference between Final Cut Express vs Final Cut Pro? Thanks.
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    Copyright question...

    Thanks! That answers every single one of my lingering questions :)
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    Copyright question...

    Say I wanted to use a product in a screenplay for example, a zippo lighter. Could I use the actual lighter without having to pay for the rights (as long as there's no zippo brand name or whatever), or would I have to dump the idea altogether? Thanks.
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    Where to find actors/actresses?

    I live in a downright dead area for making movies (Seattle), so I was wondering, how do most people find their actors? I'm planning on doing some shorts, so there would be no pay, am I out of luck? Thanks.
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    Looking into a home video camera... HC7 vs HV20

    I've narrowed the list down to the Sony HDR-HC7 and Canon HV20. Any thoughts about either? I want to keep my budget around $800-1200 as I'm only using this video camera to learn how to shoot. Thanks.
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    Video 8 and cameras

    First post so here goes. I recently found an old Sony CCD-V100/V110 (1980's) Video 8 Camera and had a few questions... I've mostly been working with miniDV, so is it possible/hard to transfer video 8 to digital (for final cut)? Are there any problems I should be aware of when using video 8...