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    My Entry for Conan O'Brien's Commercial Contest. Thoughts?

    Ha thats kinda cool and the bleep is the point, it makes it more funny when they censor stuff on network tv.
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    Copyright Question

    If you are selling the film or presenting to anybody in a public place you need to get permission to use copyrighted material. If you are presenting your film in a school as a student project the fair use act makes it legal to present it as long as you reference it.
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    What kind of night vision effect are you looking for. Black and white Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) or regular super green night vision? I wouldn't know how to get a real green effect besides using Color but there may be a bugeye effect in Final Cut that can make it look like a night vision scope.
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    Quicktime not working with After Effect CS3

    On Adobe After Effect's home page the system requirements for PC say Quicktime 7.1.5. Check to see if you have the correct or latest quicktime version.
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    Quicktime not working with After Effect CS3

    Are you using a PC or a Mac?
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    consistent filmmakers

    Yeah definitely Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. The Coen Brothers and Fernando Meirelles.
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    He just said you were overreacting a little, he didn't ask you to rant about it. Plus if you're doing all that good stuff then you should have nothing to complain about. We understand the argument you're stating and it is a credible one, we're just posing it from a different viewpoint.
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    Thats exactly what I said earlier. I think people just need to step up if they want to succeed. Its easier now more than ever with the technology we have for consumer, prosumer, and professional use. If you are good at what you do people will notice.
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    It does flood the market with amateurs, I saw it in high school where everyone decided they were in a band... and none of them played instruments. I'm a student in film school. I don't plan on selling and distributing my work just yet. In the future of course it would be nice to make money...
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    I honestly have no intentions of making money through independent filmmaking right now. I don't have a desire to break though to the mainstream, "Hollywood" audience. What is that, 14 year olds and PG-13 horror flicks. Going back to the main argument which is distribution, you just have to prove...
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    I agree and disagree. First I think the large film industries are taking over. They have somewhat done that with Sundance and the internet is the next step. What I disagree about is that indie filmmakers will become endangered or extinct. With digital technology coming out for consumer use I...
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    custom NEWSPAPER

    Idk about newspapers but to make a VO sound like a radio clip involves using an EQ and compressor in apps such as Pro Tools and Soundtrack Pro. Changing certain frequencies within the VO can make it sound more compressed and like a radio or whatever. There may be presets that set the EQs to...
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    Film School

    If you're planning on going to the one in Winter Park you might want to check out the Colorado Film School in Denver. They have a huge program with all the industry standard technology like Final Cut, Avid, ProTools, HVX200s, Super 35s, and all that stuff.
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    Permits/Insurance all that stuff..

    I was eventually going to ask the same thing. I need permits n stuff for weapons at on-location scenes. I guess you would have to contact the city or something. From what I hear, NYC is very expensive to film in, even for fully funded movies. A large part of them are filmed in Montreal, Canada...
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    Aren't we filmmakers?

    Yeah that would be a good idea too. Something different and creative is always cool.