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    Pool of blood

    Here I was thinking you buy a mini fountain pump like they are really cheap simply attach a tube running under actors clothing and under his head and simply get a hose attachment that splits hose in 2 so you could have blood flowing from mouth and back of head, any ways place the pump into a...
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    Invisible force

    hmmm well cant you create green screen wall and have acotr run into that just on comp edit green for background *have wall be like something stage hand can push and like push actor back with
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    How do I roll a car?

    well all i can say is create a pneumatic launchers this is wat they use in movies put it to side of vehicle they activate it and it flips car over, but this is just idea as it is a bit expensive
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    Cigars and Cigarettes

    I was just going to say light the cigar pop in mouth but dont inhale or like suck in smoke into cheeks then blow out just dont have him swallow it lol
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    Well me and my friend did zombie movie we used all real lol pig intestines and pigs blood. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP IT REFRIGERATED the smell is tolerable. I got this technique from the Master of Splatter Tom Savini.