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    Street light

    When motivating light from street lamps do you tend to soften the light or use soft sources? I find street lamps to be hard but while watching some night exteriors on a few films I notice hard shadows but the light doesn't seem to be overpowering like in a classic noir. Is that because a lot of...
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    Shooting Stop?

    For night scenes especially those that take place outside what stop do you find yourself working with? Should you shoot relatively wide open so you can pick up natural light sources like street lights, neon signs, etc? And in the same token to pick up smaller units that you use to light a scene...
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    Diffusion Vs Bounce

    I am shooting a project next weekend and had a question about bounce light vs diffused. The scene takes place in a New York loft so the beauty is the location has these huge bank of windows providing natural light. The actor will be sitting on a couch in front of a window and I want to wrap the...
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    How Much Can You Bring Down?

    I was wondering about what I can do in post with a 16mm image. I recently shot on 7205 250D on the SRII with Super Speeds. To balance out some shots so that my backlight background wouldn't go to hot I underexposed a 1 1/2. It was a 3 stops difference so that let my background go 1 1/2 over. In...
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    Proper Way Of Using A Exposure Meter

    I just learned recently how to use a light meter in class. Though I have some confusion regarding the tool. Should it be pointed directly at the camera? Thats what I learned in class but I read Gerald Hirschfeld's "Exposure Meter and The Cinematographer" and he explains to point your meter to...