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    Starting a Production Company

    Okay. Tthanks for the info.
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    Starting a Production Company

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on starting a production company. I want to start one, but I don't have any idea where to start, and exactly what is involved.
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    File Conversion

    I have a Quicktime .mov file on my computer of a short film that I did a year ago that is very high picture quality, but for some reason it won't transcode when I try to put it on DVD. I've had trouble converting it to an .avi file while retaining the picture quality. What would be the best way...
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    Deleting Projects

    Where would be the easiest way to clear a whole project from your computer? Is there some place within the program I could do this, or do I have to go through all the computer files and delete all the files involved with the project? Thanks.
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    Burning project on DVD

    I completed editing a short video project on Adobe Premiere Pro, and would like to put it on DVD, but am having trouble. I tried using the option in Premiere Pro to export to DVD, but got an error in the middle of the burning process. I then tried exporting the project as an .avi file and...
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    Importing Movie Files

    Dah! One more question: Can you import a Quicktime movie file (.mov) into your .avi sequence in Premiere Pro? And if so, are there any problems with doing so?
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    Time Lapse

    Heh, I got it. I just had to render it. Thank you for the help.
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    Time Lapse

    Yeah. It's clouds moving across the sky.
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    Time Lapse

    Thanks for the reply. I'm almost positive that the jumping is due to the playing of the clip lagging, because the jumps occur at different times when I play it. So, I'm wondering if this will stop once I export the finished project or not.
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    Time Lapse

    I'm having a little trouble when speeding up the clip. I'm speeding it up a lot (3200%), and when I play it back, it's all jumpy, even though it was completely steady at a normal speed. Will this "jumpiness" carry over when I finally export the finished video, or is it just a factor of the...
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    DV Tape Types

    I was going to buy some professional quality DV tape, but noticed there was also "Master Grade" professional quality available (which, of course, is more expensive). Would the Master Grade tape be worth the extra $1.80/tape, or might I as well stick to the regular PQ tape?
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    Room Tone

    Thanks for the response. I'm doing a short that is partly set in a city apartment. These scenes will have no sound except for the ambient room tone, so I want it to be pretty solid. So, I'd like the room tone along with some background street noises. Would it be best to just record the silent...
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    Setting up a Website

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried to make sites in the past, but never with my own domain name. The way I've tried designing it before hasn't given me enough freedom, but at the same time, I wouldn't really be comfortable with designing an entire site, as I haven't had much experience with web...
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    Setting up a Website

    If I want to set up a website (with my own domain name) to post my videos to be available for download, but I barely have any money to spend on it, what would be the best way to go about doing this?
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    Black and White Video

    Cool, thanks.