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    Exclusive Interview with Peter Levy, ASC
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    JMR Professional Video Rental

    JMR Digital Cinema ~ Broadcast Rentals Digital Cinema - Broadcast Video - Audio - Lighting Grip - Studio
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    The Lens Loft is a full-scale photography and videography equipment rental

    The highest-quality bodies, specialty lenses, and an array of accessories so that, all you need to focus on is getting the perfect shot.
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    Alternative Chiptune & Progressive Rock Music Producer

    Thank you for posting!
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    Outdoor lighting - Wooded areas

    I was watching the FX original serious "The Americans" Last night and during Season 5, episode 1 they are out in a forest-like area digging and when it starts out the lighting looks way off to me. The Americans (TV Series 2013–2018) - IMDb After watching the first 4 seasons and not being...
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    Hi Julia! Hope you're having an awesome day!

    Hi Julia! Hope you're having an awesome day!
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    documentary about an Internet Troll

    I don't know what to say! Is this project finished?
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    What Could Be Causing Audio Drift When Recording Polarioid Cube Plus Action Cam and using TASCAM?

    I don't really know but I want to say it's the Polaroid Cube Plus possibly just because it's the newer tech. I wonder if the frame rates have something to do with it?
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    Stock Music For All Video Projects

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Looking for a composer for a 6 min short animated movie.

    You should post this in the jobs and intern sections where people are looking for something to work on
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    Shure mv88 mic

    Got a Zoom H1 instead of the MV88
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    Legendary Honda Monkey Z50 Custom made look Video with a7iii

    Can you cut in some shots of him riding it?
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    I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday

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    What if I told you, that I was from the future?

    Thanks for joining and thanks for posting in our community! 🚀