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    Wedding Showreel 2014 !!!

    Feel free to check it out!
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    Interesting Question

    :rolleyes: it looks like the video will be shot this winter due to a fight into the band... Thanks anyone I won't forget to post this video if I ever shot it..!
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    Interesting Question

    Thanks Kim for the invitation! You can count on me for sharing this video and experience on the SF site ;)
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    Interesting Question

    Hi David and Gary! I had the opportunity yesterday to test what you said to me into a small festival in a village. The aim of this festival was to show how life was in the XX century. So imagine the all town desguise with old clothes, old stores, old cars etc... So I went there with a HDSLR...
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    Interesting Question

    Thanks Kim! Hi David, Yes I'll have to shoot in few days a music video for a rock band in south of France; the thing is I never experienced shooting with fire! The band will be playing and a hut will be on fire just behind them. Have you got any advices regarding shooting in that conditions...
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    White Bird Video

    Hi everybody! I made few weeks ago a music video for a band that I know and I would like to have your opinion on it. I was the DP, it was my first time and I'd love some feedbacks and critics from pros and students to understand my mistakes! Thanks a lot! here's the link...