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    10 Filmmaking Apps for Portable Devices

    Anything for Android?
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    Making Tutorials Help Softward Needed

    Hi Guys and girls I am wondering what software people are using to create online tutorials that show the viewer what the instructor is doing on his/her screen. I hope that makes sence. I have sen alot of tutroials on Youtube that you can hear the instructor descibe what they ar doing and you...
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    Autobiographical Short Film

    Hi. I'm thinking about doing a autobiographical short film about the area where I grew-up. Documenting where and what we used to play etc etc etc. Does anybody have any experience doing this type of thing and can give some advise about "do's and dont's". It will be just me shooting with a...
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    I need idea's

    I like this idea!! Many thanks
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    Recording Tutorials

    Hi Can anybody tell me what software you need to record tutorials. I want to be able to record my procedures for some of my editing techniques on Premiere pro. I have seen plenty of online tutorials that show the mouse pointer on screen. Is it literally a camera pointing at the screen or is...
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    I need idea's

    Thank you. I think what i am really looking to do is to show that I can EDIT, I can USE PREMIERE PRO, I can MIX SOUND, I can MAKE TITLES etc etc. I'm looking to show that I can use software, not neccessarily shoot the film. Leroy
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    I need idea's

    Hi I would like to hear your idea's for making some 5-10 minute films to build up my showreel very quickley. I may have an opportunity to work in our media department, but the type of films I used to make were the "Adult" variety!! and I dont think they would help my application for the job...
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    Are there any learn from home courses in film?

    Hi I gain a HND in Mulit-media Computing back in 2001, but unfortuantely have never been able to really use it. I have done a few home editing jobs but it has been hard to find real employment. Has anybody seen any "learn from home" type courses that can be taken from a home computer? I have...
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    Premiere Pro CS3 and Flash CS3

    Hi Has anybody had any experience using flash and then importing it into Premiere Pro. I've used Flash for few years at various levels and I was thinking about using it to animate a short opening title sequance. I dont want to waste my time starting something that somebody can warn me about...
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    Low Budget Sound

    Hi I'm looking for some advise about recording voice overs on a verylow budget. Has anybody had any experience with doing this? At the moment I have a mic that is connected to a laptop and I have Adobe Soundbooth. Are there any hint's and Tips for homemande voice overs?? Many thanks. Leroy