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    help me out please

    Hey! i currently attend UWO here in canada for business. i am really interested in film but unfortunately my gpa is very low and even if in get high marks this year i wont be able to get an overall 3.0gpa which is needed for transfering to nyu uca usc etc. (i have a cumulative avg of 60% as of...
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    copyright and clearance

    hey Im lookking for a book on this subject... ive looked into the "copyright and clearance by michael.." on amazon but supposedly it has mistakes in it...atleast according to 1 review. Do you have any other suggestions?
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    sony HVR-A1U

    I would like to shoot a documentary at the end of august and am currently checking out potential cameras. This is the one I am leaning towards the most. But I have a few questions. It says that it has 1080 Lines Horizontal however it records to dv according to this chart it cant be higher than...