Marquis G

Hello fellow filmmakers. Its a pleasure to be here and thank you for having me. I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I've been in the restaurant industry over 10 years now working my way from food runner to general manager. Although I love the the restaurant/bar scene, I've always had an unparalleled passion for art. I draw, act, make music, former dancer, and and filmmaker. I just recently enrolled myself into the Los Angeles Film School in hopes to obtain a bachelor of science degree in Digital Filmmaking.

Growing up in Roxbury, I am no stranger to struggle. I've had to work at extreme measures in order to be able to survive. I come to this group ready to learn, indulge in conversations surrounding the industry, network, and hopefully collaborate with other creative thinkers. I love feeding off of positive vibes and try my hardest to be apart of a solution instead of a problem. I love to laugh, I love everything having to do with art, and I love FILM. If you'd like to know anything else please let me know.


Instagram: @FamiliarFilmz
November 28
Bar General Manager



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