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    Crowdfunding for short film- Shattered Woods

    We're at 76%!! Please give it another round of shares! Only a 15 hours left!
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    Crowdfunding for short film- Shattered Woods

    Hey guys, I started crowdfunding on indiegogo for my new short film project, Shattered Woods, a while ago. We are now past the halfway mark and 41% funded (out of $500). I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at the campaign and even if you can't donate, please share this around so...
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    Breathe Again Short Film - "Prologue"? to bigger project Made this for my video production class. It's okay......pretty basic. But the story is sort of a prologue or example...for a bigger short film project (30-40min) I'm planning to film in a couple weeks...
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    First Short Film - Home Made this a few months ago.... Just to mention it, there was no budget for this, I used my parents as actors, there was pretty much no script, so most of the stuff was just as we went along. I don't...