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    Amber - Psychological Thriller Short Film (would love feedback)

    That was good! I would love some better lighting but other than that the acting was solid, dialogues well made for the most part and kept my attention the whole way through. Good job!
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    CONNERY | A Short Film

    Thumbs up from me too!
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    Mocking Modern Social Media Use (Video)

    The banana actor looked too stiff... otherwise good angles. very dramatic.
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    Should I submit to this? offer distribution?

    Lol this looks so cheesy! :D Looks legit! As they said themselves one day you will most likely be watching your movie... but with different author name in the credits.
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    Mortal Nightmare Short Horror - Action

    Great job! and I wanted to comment on the good choice of music (to use the original score as well as Dokken) but then came the ending that sounds like justin biebers new band or something... :D Anyway great job with the shots and tricks and especially the sound! looking forward for your next work!
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    People On Trains - A short video about loneliness and mobile addiction in Singapore

    Thats it, im ditching my big screen phone and going back to basic 5 line 2 color display! :D I like what you did there and for this type of work you dont need a more "professional" looking shots. The quality is fine and fits this style very well. The part where you could improve is the narrated...
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    Regular Guy - Music Video

    There is definitely a lot to improve but you still did better than everyone who don't make any videos for sure :D The most important thing that I understood soon after I started was that LIGHTING is the key to make quality videos. Does not matter so much about the camera (i know people who make...
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    New Earth: Agent 316 (Sci-Fi Trailer) [01:48]

    Good work with the special effects but remember that is not everything. I liked the beginning. Whoever did the voice over did a good job. Overall the sound was really good, looking forward to see more from you.
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    Short sci-fi thriller, Future Call

    LOL you must be using something good. I will definitely be watching this next time when im drunk with friends! :D
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    Preview of a commercial that I directed.

    The first one is too short to comment on anything and the second one... Well I did not understand what is the message and also the target audience. From the technical point of view - every one has their own taste, but for me the colors were too much off for both clips. The clips on the other...