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    Wonderful Singer / Model - Classic Ballad in Penthouse Cafe (Music Video)

    A recent music video, a rendition of a Bonnie Raitt Classic. With limited time: One camera, one singer, no extra lighting, 4 hours. Conceptualized and filmed on the fly. Goal: to capture the vibe of this timeless ballad. Thanks for viewing. Critiques welcome. ----------------------...
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    Lenovo Seize The Night: DO

    Enjoyed it. Flowed well, just the right amount of suspense/drama. +rep
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    Man vs Train (Don't try this at home)

    Whoa! Real or editing, that is the question.
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    Short Animated Film, "The Vikings"

    hahaha, love this! The voice overs were perfect for the quirky visuals. Thanks for sharing.
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    Short Black & White Montage "Sea of the Swan" Edited by Owen Milne

    Cool! What did you use to follow behind and beside the skateboarder, a dolly? It was very smooth. Like the EZ-E soundtrack as well.