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    Shooting film at 18fps, final product video

    Hi folks -- I'm shooting a project this summer with a high-end film camera, sync sound. We're going to telecine the film and edit on a computer and finish on hi-def. A common setup (well, maybe except for the "film" part) I thought it might be interesting, to save money and to get an extra stop...
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    two actors sharing one lav

    Ah, we don't shoot until August, I'm just doing a massive preproduction prep. We'll probably test in June. I'll definitely post my results then. thanks Kim!
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    two actors sharing one lav

    Ah, testing! ;) Good idea, no way to know otherwise. Thanks Kim!
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    two actors sharing one lav

    Hi folks -- is there a way for two actors to share a single wireless lavalier by pinning the lav to one of their shoulders? This sounds suspicious to me but I swear I've heard of someone doing this with some reasonable success. thanks much! SC