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    night, forever - my new short film

    Re: Network page Re: Network page I do, I'm actually the top blogger of the site. I wrote about the short film on the networking website but had no answer...
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    night, forever - my new short film

    Thanks a lot!!! :)
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    night, forever - my new short film

    Hi everyone, I finished the short movie I've been working on lately. You can find it here: Feel free to comment it!!! :) Thanks in advance!
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    Lighting, Gels, Interiors

    Hey there, stephendurden here with a new account :) Result looks great. I see that huuuuuuuuge window now, I completely understand your worries :) You managed to do a very good shot, nothing to say. Bravissimo!!!
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    My fake blood looks like grape jelly?

    The recipe is quite "standard", I've seen fake blood made only in this way. Maybe it's the refrigerator...
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    Moving soon

    Saskatchewan... That gotta be an awesome place (I guess it's where Evangeline Lilly comes from... whatever). Good luck for everything!!!
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    Check this video, it may help you (parts 2 and 3 are other videos. I did something like that using Trapcode Particular: it's not for free but, to me, it's the best for the particle emission work.[/url]
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    DEPLOYMENT STRATEGY, 100+ VFX - finally done!!!

    Congrats man! It's always good to read such things. (stephendurden here, had to change my profile)