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    Regular Guy - Music Video

    Thanks for the criticism! And yeah I agree 100%. I do not mean to sound all defensive and everything, but the reason that the lighting is the way it is in the video is simply because of what I had to work with. Unfortunately, for a early work, this was a lot to take on for a 1 man crew and I am...
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    I am tired of having my time wasted!

    Well a lot of times, especially with small productions, projects are scrapped ALL the time. I do it a lot (luckily it doesn't involve screwing people over like this). The thing is it is extremely hard to go through with a production. Unfortunately, this is an art form where money can make or...
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    Short sci-fi thriller, Future Call

    Umm.... so I'm going to be straightforward with you this isn't very good. It doesn't display a lot of fundamentals of cinematography, lighting, directing, acting or any of it. The script has A LOT of exposition, the shots are not varied even across scenes (in fact it kind of looks like you're...
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    Hello to All

    Hello and welcome!
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    Regular Guy - Music Video

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum (I've been on for a few days now) and I was just hoping someone could give me some critiques on it. It's one of the first music videos I've done and I understand that the production quality is low, the image is noisy, and the camerawork and lighting are kind of...
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    People On Trains - A short video about loneliness and mobile addiction in Singapore

    Have you seen "The Revenant". It is probably the most ideal example of an amazing visual experience and it was done with all (mostly?) natural lighting which makes a lot of sense considering it is a movie that deals so heavily with nature. So yes you can get amazing results by not really using...
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    People On Trains - A short video about loneliness and mobile addiction in Singapore

    From what I've learned shooting 24 fps, using stabilizers like steadicam and shoulder rigs, and checking your lighting and paying attention to mise en scene are the big factors for a cinematic look. I would look up videos on how lighting and set design can work in your favor. Of course the...
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    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    At the same time trying to upgrade later to something pricier. I don't see much love for Blackmagic. Could someone give me their opinion on the different uses for the BMPCC and the Sony a7s for example.
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    Cant think of a name for our group.

    Asyde Entertainment (as in an aside like a the literary device but also Sydni)
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    I'm a beginner and I want to know some information

    So as I understand it independent films have an extremely hard time getting to the box office. Most times it has to go through extensive award wins at a lot of film festivals in order to get more and more attention. This most likely involves getting to Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, etc. At the same...
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    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    Based on all the answers here I guess I have a very unpopular option. I shoot with a Nikon D5200, not amazing but great for its class and price. Still trying to get the most cinematic look out of it I can.
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    People On Trains - A short video about loneliness and mobile addiction in Singapore

    I totally agree. The camera work lends itself to the story of your film, but I think the caveat is that style won't always be conducive to your future projects. What kind of camera are yoh using? I'm sure with research and practice you could pull a more cinematic look out of it.
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    New Member

    I'm usually a one man crew on my productions which causes them to be pretty low production value, but with this new short film I want to go bigger and play specifically the role of writer and director and editor but have a producer to take care of a lot of the background tasks for me. So a lot...
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    Drone or not to Drone, that is the question!

    Personally I have no experience with drones, but the guys at a studio I worked at for a little bit had one and just never used it. I can't tell you anything about the operation but I can pass on their advice. Think wisely before you purchase one. They said that they didn't hate the footage they...
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    People On Trains - A short video about loneliness and mobile addiction in Singapore

    Hey man, I liked this short a lot. I thought the concept was great, the shots and style were all good. It fits that "not super formal camera work" kind of documentary well and the shots of the people were superb. It gives you a feeling of disconnection from these people as they look at their...