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    Seven Days in Utopia trailer

    lighting diagrams? lighting diagrams? Awesome. I was wondering also-- do you make lighting diagrams during prep for a film? If so, how often do you stick with the plans? And do you have any samples from any of the films that you've done? thanks, t
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    Seven Days in Utopia trailer

    Looks great! For that raining scene, did you back light the falling water? And how did you get that water rippling effect on that shot with the 2 characters on the stone bridge?
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    Exposure On Film

    It really depends what exactly the sun is backlighting in your shot You can try using a polarizer, And if you are locked on sticks and the sky is in your shot, a graduated nd filter
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    Which film stock should I use?

    50d 50d Should use kodak vision 2 50d It has smaller grain. Its good especially if you will project your footage on a big screen.
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    Cinematography Reels

    Does anyone have Cinematography reels I can take a look at?
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    50mm is not popular?

    it really depends on what you're shooting, and the format you're shooting in. 16mm? 35mm? for a 16mm camera your 50mm will act like a telephoto lens if you're shooting on those HDSLRs, a 50mm is good to have as the image size is close to that of a 35mm film cam but you should really have a...
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    On Camera Lighting

    LITEPANEL' Micro Led LITEPANEL' Micro Led Hey, for a budget of 250, you can get a micro led from Litepanels It's dimmable-- and it comes with tungsten/ daylight balancing gels and this one frosted piece for softening the light i use it with my hvx (which isn't so great in low light...
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    Do the big studio still shoot film?

    Most Hollywood films and some TV shows and commercials are still shot in film. Many of the old school DPs, like Roger Deakins-- don't intend to switch over to digital.
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    GL2 for Music Videos and Shorts?

    if it's strictly for youtube, and dvd... HD is unnecessary. the DVX is a better choice, in my opinion than the GL-2 cause you have the option to shoot 24p. Personally, I wouldn't recommend JVC. Also, if you really want to go further with this film and video thing and you do have 2000 bucks...
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    Shooting Red - Exposure

    I think it's darker for RAW cause according to the manual: "RAW: monitor path image represents the RAW sensor data, bypassing the color matrix. " But you can supposedly boost up the exposure for the raw file at least a stop and a half for your darks in post without losing any detail, or adding...
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    How do I get my film showed at a film festival

    You need to submit it to them, and there's usually a fee. You can use to submit to a variety of festivals. Then some judges will have to decide if your film is good enough to even be part of their festival. Sundance, Cannes and Tribeca get literally thousands of...
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    What weather should I film my movie in?

    It really depends on the story of your film... If it has a bunch of outdoor scenes you really need to decide what time of the year it is, unless you live in an area where you don't have trees... or people. And professionals shoot in freezing temperatures all the time-- don't let that stop you...
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    Looking for a camera...

    why not go HD ? why not go HD ? if you can afford it: panasonic: HVX-200 Sony EX-1 they are in the 5000 us dollar range. Or 3800 used.
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    upgrade from consumer video camera

    I'm not sure about the xl-2 but the dvx100b does "squeeze" the 4:3 frame into 16:9. But both of these cameras are Standard Definition cameras, which means if you're not "squeezing" the frame, then you are cropping it with black. So, regardless-- it's still going to be a 4:3 frame. The XL-2...
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    upgrade from consumer video camera

    budget budget first of all, what's your budget for a new camera?