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    Fathoms deep feature film

    Yeah we've been getting rave reviews from critics and we've submitted for this years Action on Film festival. I'll post a couple of the good reviews. You can like us at or check the official website for more info...
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    Fathoms deep feature film

    The film is complete and for sale online at also like us on facebook at
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    Fathoms deep feature film!/pages/Fathoms-Deep-Movie/166736910014760 Facebook Page for the film
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    Fathoms deep feature film

    ---------------------TRAILER IS UP------------------------------ LINK ---------------------WEBSITE-------------------------------- LINK STATUS ------------ EDITING STAGE - Sound Design I've been...
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    3 shorts and 2 music videos shot with HVX200a and SGBLADE

    Hey this is my first post. I've been hanging around the dvxuser's forums for awhile now and just heard about this site. I'll post my recent work for you to view. Please offer some feedback. I just started pre-production on my first full length which will be shot in CA, UT, AZ, and MT. Hope you...