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  1. sonnyboo

    Edit Challenge with prizes!

    EDIT THIS SHORT MOCKUMENTARY FILM CONTEST a new Cinestudy EDIT CHALLENGE, this one with PRIZES from sponsors! Edit the Mockumentary from the free raw footage and win free pro editing software from FXHome or a yearlong subscription or...
  2. sonnyboo

    edit challenge - documentary format (FREE RAW FOOTAGE!)

    Edit your own mini-documentary with free footage from CINESTUDY! Create your own 3 minute version of the Making of the Mandalorian
  3. sonnyboo

    feature length documentary on making an indie film on AMAZON PRIME!

    Our feature length documentary about making the Ohio based Nazi Zombie/Werewolf movie HORRORS OF WAR(US)/NAZI ZOMBIES (Sweden)/ZOMBIES OF WAR (UK) is now on AMAZON PRIME! Watch for free with Prime! Robot Check 4.7 stars! oh my!
  4. sonnyboo

    edit challenge - MULTICAM EDITING CINESTUDY (formerly Framelines) presents an Interactive Project and EDIT CHALLENGE! We want YOU to be the EDITOR of these two MUSIC VIDEOS! Here we have 2 songs recorded from 4 different cameras. You need to synchronize the shots...
  5. sonnyboo

    edit challenge - mini HORROR MOVIE

    Mini Horror Movie EDIT CHALLENGE click here We want YOU to be our editor on a mini-HORROR MOVIE! Anyone can download the free 4K raw footage and then edit the short film and upload it. I've spun off my tv show FRAMELINES into this new interactive project called CINESTUDY. We're going to be...
  6. sonnyboo

    Teaser Trailer to Trailer A to Trailer B and the posters that go with them

    A podcast explaining the basics of Teaser Trailers and Teaser Posters.
  7. sonnyboo

    What is a Producer?

    the Sonnyboo Podcast looks at the various titles of "Producer"
  8. sonnyboo

    Using the Camera to Tell a Story

    This is from my PBS show on Filmmaking, this one focusing on using the camera to tell a story
  9. sonnyboo

    E.T. a remake of Wizard of Oz?

    This is my take on the what E.T. is really about