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  1. punkin

    Creating Audio Distortion in FCP

    I have found plenty of tools to eliminate audio distortion in FCP but I can't find much to help me create it there. I'm running panther (old school i know) and I know there are some plugins that work with leopard but I'd rather not spend the time and money required to upgrade at this point...
  2. punkin

    Crackling Noise at Every Audio Transition, grrr.

    I am hearing a popping crackling noise at the end of each and every audio clip. What might be causing this???
  3. punkin

    Using Flash (.flv) files in FCP

    I am currently away from my personal computer and so I do not have access to FCP. Could someone tell me whether or not it is possible to edit Flash (.flv) files in FCP? If it is necessary to convert the .flv files, does anyone know of a quality, easy-to-use program that can do that? Also, has...
  4. punkin

    Grabbing Video from the Internet

    Is anyone aware of a good program that allows you to grab video files from places like youtube, ifilm,, etc??? I have found several programs designed to work with PCs but not Macs :( Thanks!
  5. punkin

    FCP 4.5 HD: Exporting as Quicktime Movie (Newbie question)

    I'm trying to export a FCP project as a quicktime movie which seems like it should be simple. If I go to File>Export>Quicktime Movie I end up with another final cut file with a icon that looks like a cross between FCP's and quicktime's. I can export using quicktime conversion, however this...
  6. punkin

    Reverse Effect for Video

    I am new to video editing with FCP, I'm trying to determine, what, if any, is the procedure for reversing the playback of video. Reverse is a common effect for audio programs, but I dont see that option anywhere in FCP for video. Is there a plug-in that can do this? Must I turn to another...