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    New Damien Project Works for Your Artistic Endeavours It's the music Your Hard Work Deserves...
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    1/28/2007 Farewell Suriyama

    The tune will load up instantly for you at i hope You enjoy it!!!
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    1/21/2007 New Damien Project Symphonic Piece

    Hope You guys and girls enjoy it
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    New Soundtrack Damien Project w/Sallee Cooper Enjoy The Listen and here's to Success
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    The Bells Say Go On Newest release from Damien Project It will load automativally for Your listening moments!
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    New demo tune if You wanna listen :)

    "Forever Rains"
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    Damien Project

    For all Student filmmaker projects Damien Project can compose an original score, or offer a wide selection of music for Your project from Our page at Please contact us for any details You may need!