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  1. Kostas Loukovikas

    Basketball Game Pro | A new SFX library available now!

    We’re currently working on Cubase 9.5 Also, Reaper from Cockos Incorporated offers all of the features of powerhouse digital audio workstations at a fraction of the cost, as well as Logic X, which is great for editing sounds or sound design. And there is, of course, Pro Tools :) Actually, we...
  2. Kostas Loukovikas

    Basketball Game Pro | A new SFX library available now!

    Happy New Year to everyone! That’s great Kim, sounds like an interesting Foley plan! We’re just getting into this art form, as well :) So far, we’ve only finished Foley for a couple of indie shorts, that they are going to be published soon, and looking for more. These two films were an...
  3. Kostas Loukovikas

    Free & premium SFX Library | Analog Days

    Hello everyone! Here's a fresh released sound effects library from Sound Ex Machina! Analog Days contains 390 sounds extracted from retro tape machines, old portable cassette players, retro worldwide tube radios and vintage turntable vinyl record players. A time-capsule ready to send your...
  4. Kostas Loukovikas

    SFX Library | UI Sounds: Organic

    Hi guys, For those interested in User Interface sounds, here's UI Sounds: Organic, the new pack from Sound Ex Machina. It is a well-organized collection of 425 selections ranging from simple and discreet to catchy and jolly sounds ready to use in any kind of electronic user interface...
  5. Kostas Loukovikas

    WATER FLOW | A new SFX library now available!

    Greetings, A quick note about a new released ambient SFX library. Water Flow library containing recordings of stream, river and small waterfall sounds, with close and distant perspectives of slow and turbulent flows. More than 80 minutes of high quality (24bit/96kHz) material recorded at...
  6. Kostas Loukovikas

    LAUGHS | A new SFX library now available!

    Andy, so glad you like it and hope you'll find it useful! Appreciate your feedback!
  7. Kostas Loukovikas

    Basketball Game Pro | A new SFX library available now!

    Hello everyone, For those who are heading for game productions, audio books, commercials or any audiovisual projects here's Basketball Game Pro, a sound library thematically centered around a real basketball match, containing several versions of game air horns, crowd applause, attack, defense...
  8. Kostas Loukovikas

    LAUGHS | A new SFX library now available!

    “Some people laugh through their noses, some people laugh through their teeth, some laugh too fast, some only blast - others they twitter like birds…” so goes the jolly old song from the Mary Poppins film. Ladies and Gents we proudly present you our latest work, LAUGHS! A 1,58 GB toolset of 380...
  9. Kostas Loukovikas

    Testing a contact mic on my cat

    Testing my new contact mic on my cat. You're listening to her soft vibrant sound while she's purring out of pleasure and gradually falling into sleep. Not quite satisfied though by the outcome. Had to cut a lot of mid-high frequencies due to some noise factors caused by the mic placement, so...
  10. Kostas Loukovikas

    Music composition for Vacuum magazine

    One word, interpreted by various artists with different media. This is an instrumental music theme I did for Vacuum Magazine, an online experiment, a multimedia magazine mixing art, video, sound, fashion & literature. January issue is about FADE. Fade as to lose clarity, as to lose vigor, as to...
  11. Kostas Loukovikas

    Celestial Terra Memories | Timelapse Video

    Missioned to compose the musical theme for this short timelapse movie created by Agis Kothalis, a passionate amateur astronomer, mastermind of The Astronomy Club of East Macedonia in Greece. The whole video is filmed in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Purpose of this, is to highlight the natural...
  12. Kostas Loukovikas

    Watching You - A very short animation clip

    Watching You is a very short animation clip made by the 3D artist Adam Martinakis. With great joy and honor I accepted to contribute with a electronic ambient excerpt from my side project Mahindra Waves. Hope to enjoy it! _()_ More info about Adam Martinakis...
  13. Kostas Loukovikas

    Field Recording Competition - Winning Sounds

    Field Recording Competition 1 - Winners This is one of the 10 sounds won at Field Recording Competition 1 run by Tim Prebble (composer, sound Designer, HISSandaROAR sound libraries). Reed a small description of how each sound designer...
  14. Kostas Loukovikas

    Introducing Kitchen Sounds | Foley Library (HD)

    Hey guys and gals, A new Foley library came out as for today and it's titled Kitchen Sounds. It features 244 HQ sounds from a professional kitchen you can easily sync to any audiovisual project. The sounds were minimal processed and intended to serve not only those who need straight forward...
  15. Kostas Loukovikas

    Sound Logo designed from graffiti sprays

    Hey guys, here's a special and intriguing project that I got into, missioned to design the sound logo of the stencil-based label ADULT. Special because it's running by a friend and intriguing because the sound theme composed only from graffiti spray samples we recorded in the studio in order to...