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    23.98 1/48 shutter

    When working with a camera like the 7D, RED, Alexa etc and shooting 23.98 at 1/48 shutter if your using kinos or a electronic ballast HMI you should find no flicker/rolling bars in the image right? If using a magnetic ballest is that when you will find the rolling bars at 1/48?
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    Mixed Lighting

    I am shooting on 16mm a scene in a diner. I just got back from checking out the location and its set up with hanging lights that seem to be around 3200 mixed with the daylight that comes in through the window. This is a student project so there is no budget really to correct for one or the...
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    Shooting In The Woods

    Will you still underexpose a bit when your shooting in the woods? Around here the tress are dead from the winter so no leaves cover them. You can get some strong backlight from the sun, though I didn't know if I should stay a little more conservative since there is more shade in the shot with...
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    Daylight Balanced Bulbs

    Hey I have a question about the daylight balanced bulbs you buy in a local hardware store. I'm shooting a project on the Red Camera and one scene takes place in a lower basement type setting that follows a character through one room with no windows to a room with a window so I will be mixing...
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    Splitting Exposure

    Genreally speaking if your under a contrast situation where your ratio is 4:1 or higher and you want an exposure that is acceptable is it best to split? This is assuming you don't have other light sources to lower the ratio. I came across a situation where I was shooting outdoors (color neg.)...