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    How To Get an Agent: Top Talent Agency Gives Advice to Actors

    Thanks Theresa! So glad you found it helpful. If there is anything else you'd like to know or any other industry person you'd like to hear opinions from do let us know and we will try our best to provide information for them. :-) ps any comments raised on our site will be fed back to the...
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    Screenwriting Advice from a Pro: J.J. Connolly writer of Layer Cake with Daniel Craig

    J.J. Connolly, screenwriter of cult British gangster flick Layer Cake tells us about trusting the actors, being a salesman and how he writes his scripts.
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    Best camera for an aspiring filmmaker

    Wow Will, you most certainly have done your research sir! what an incredibly informative post. I absolutely agree, though I would swear by the trusty Canon 5D Mk II since you can get some quality images for it at quite a reasonable price now (since the MK 3's come out). Plus its used by so many...
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    How To Get an Agent: Top Talent Agency Gives Advice to Actors

    Top Talent Agent gives advice to actors on gaining representation, including what agencies look for in new clients and the best way to get an agents attention.
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    The 3 Essential Traits of a Successful Actor

    As an actor myself I would agree with those traits being essential
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    RED Camera Popularity

    hmmm another battle of the conglomerates, best leave them to it. Whilst they fight lets play with their toys ;) Interesting though as I've always preferred RED camera's to Sony's...
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    Industrial Scripts question!!

    I've heard of Industrial Scripts and was actually going to get one of their readers to look at my own script. Not sure about the course though. Is it expensive? Personally I think if you're already interested in writing then... you should be writing! if you haven't already started that is. There...
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    RED Camera Popularity

    I would definitely agree with both you guys, the RED does have a sort of cult following. Especially working with talent shooting music videos who often request a RED cam. I do think that the ARRI Alexa is comparable if not better, especially if you go for the cinematic lenses on the PL mount...
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    'Bronson' Producer Gives Advice to New Filmmakers

    A very insightful article where 'Bronson' Film Producer Danny Hansford gives advice to filmmakers on getting a start in the business: Be great to hear your thoughts on this article in the comments section.:)