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    Equipment Additions To My Inventory

    Since last July I have added a bunch of Equipment for filming videos to my current equipment inventory. I still have the equipment that I had mentioned in a previous thread on this forum. For cameras I have added a Canon Vixia RF H800 and Earlier this year a Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 was added...
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    A Cheap Prop Movie Money Trick

    This is a real Cheap Prop Movie Money Trick that all the Filmmakers here can use for their film projects. The money is Play Money that Dollar General sells for $1.00 per pack (120 Bills per pack) and it's good for scenes where you don't see the actual money. So do watch the video and enjoy...
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    The Equipment That I Currently Have

    This is a list of all of the Equipment that I currently have for producing Videos. Cameras Panasonic HC-V201 Canon EOS Rebel T6 Kodak Easyshare Max (Got this one used) 128 GB Apple iPod Touch (Used for Slow Motion Videos) Motorola Moto G4 Plus (Useful for YouTube Videos on the fly when on the...
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    I started a Crowdfunding Campaign for Is It A Good Idea To Pressure Wash This

    I have just started a Crowdfunding Campaign for Is It A Good Idea To Pressure Wash This on Indiegogo and I am just trying to get as many people to help finance the production of an entire Season consisting of 25 Episodes. Hopefully if enough funds are raised this can be made possible. Even...
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    Check out this new Unscripted Pilot for - Is It A Good Idea To Pressure Wash This

    I had Filmed, Edited and uploaded this Unscripted Pilot episode titled - Is It A Good Idea To Pressure Wash This And I do know that the production value as a Bottom of the Barrel look and feel to it but do Enjoy this video it was done with no Budget at all...
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    Details on the proposed Web Series

    Here's details on the proposed Web Series regarding the Premise and what it will require. Decrepit Community Ed (This is just a working title). The premise - A soap opera style satire depicting numerous efforts between multiple groups regarding a pair of old decrepit closed schools and want to...
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    Updates On My Proposed Web Series

    I have posted a update video giving details on my proposed Web Series and what it will require. Reply to this thread if you have any questions. Here's a link to more details
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    I Am Working On A Web Series

    I am in the process of developing a Web Series that is going to be a Soap Opera style Satire and it's going onto YouTube when the episodes that are produced here's a video announcing the development all additional details regarding the series (Including the full premise) will be released later...
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    Grumpy Cats Business Manager (A Parody)

    This is just a video parody that I had done with a budget of zero (It cost nothing to make) and it's completely improvised. Enjoy. Edited to add - This parody is really appealing to Dog lovers.