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    Getting the writing Started

    My advice is read film scripts in the genre of your script. That can help out a lot. You get an Idea of scene development.
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    New screenwriting articles - Where to list your script & where to find producers ads

    Hollywood screenwriter director Hollywood screenwriter director Use the HOLLYWOOD SCREENWRITER DIRECTORY . it has over 3000 listings of contacts to send queries. Several writers i do edits and critiques for got their agents and made contact with producers from the directory. It's better then...
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    The 3 People You Should Have Read Your Script BEFORE Any Manager Or Agent

    a second pair of eyes can always help.
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    Screenwriting advice, new article available - Where to get Feedback

    No. I don't work for them. I get newsletter emails from them every week. They have great articles to read that have helped my writing and the writers I work with in my editing and critique business. They also have free downloads. I think Script Magazine is a good resource for writers.
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    Screenwriting advice, new article available - Where to get Feedback

    Hi. I like to read SCRIPT MAGAZINE. they have a wedsite too.
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    I'm New!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the forum. I don't know how to post my introduction. I got an email saying to introduce myself be for 24 hrs is up. :razz:
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    Hello, Everyone!

    My name is Frances. I'm new to the forum, all though I've been visiting the website.:-P