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  1. retrofilms

    Make a Table Dolly for Under $20

    Here's a table dolly design that will let you execute straight or curved dolly shoots with any fixed pan or tilt angle on a smooth surface. Check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks!
  2. retrofilms

    Clamp Lighting

    Need an inexpensive light source? Clamp lights are very versatile and inexpensive (about $6.50 at your local hardware store). Bascially a socket on a stick, they use lots of available lighting (incandescent, cfl, halogen, photoflood) and can grip on any narrow surface. After a little use, I...
  3. retrofilms

    Midnyte is Coming...

    Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to put the word out about a new web serial I'm about to start using the HD mode of the Canon HF100. I purchased a couple of these cams for my job, and they are producing this narrative web/TV show. There is already an official website up here that will detail the...