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  1. retrofilms

    Make a Table Dolly for Under $20

    Here's a table dolly design that will let you execute straight or curved dolly shoots with any fixed pan or tilt angle on a smooth surface. Check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks!
  2. retrofilms

    Clamp Lighting

    Need an inexpensive light source? Clamp lights are very versatile and inexpensive (about $6.50 at your local hardware store). Bascially a socket on a stick, they use lots of available lighting (incandescent, cfl, halogen, photoflood) and can grip on any narrow surface. After a little use, I...
  3. retrofilms

    Midnyte is Coming...

    Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to put the word out about a new web serial I'm about to start using the HD mode of the Canon HF100. I purchased a couple of these cams for my job, and they are producing this narrative web/TV show. There is already an official website up here that will detail the...
  4. retrofilms

    Weapon Safety

    I recently used firearms in my last project but they were of the much safer variety. In fact I wrote a blog post about it that can be found here: The nicest part is that no one has yet to detect that I'm "faking it"...
  5. retrofilms

    My fake blood looks like grape jelly?

    typing "fake blood recipe" in Google will give you a smattering of choices. Here's the first three on the list: Good luck!