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    Lensbaby Test Footage
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    Think Skate part 1 of 2
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    MOre beautiful Red Footage - Snow in Houston, TX
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    Glenn Morshower Acting Event in Houston

    Hello, my name is Kenny Couch and I am hosting an event by Texas Actor Glenn Morshower. Included is a link to the flyer if you would like to come or extend our invitation to any of your friends.
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    More from the RED, Booty Chatter Booty Chatter Music Video Shot on RED Edited on FCP ThinkBig Productions ™
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    More from the Red, Booty Chatter
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    Scuttle Snails More ThinkBig Productions footage from the RedOne
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    I get to 1st AC on a RED Feature.

    thats from the last movie i worked on Key Grip
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    I get to 1st AC on a RED Feature.
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    I get to 1st AC on a RED Feature.

    sounds good
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    I get to 1st AC on a RED Feature.

    I'm excited, I've worked with the camera a lot but any advice or tips are welcome. I will take tons of pics and post often.
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    Red One camera bugs

    We had an issue with the Red overheating once at a music video in the middle of a very large parking lot. That coupled with 100+ heat and tons of Houston humidity the camera did finally shut off from the heat. Once cooled we hung a 4x4 solid over the camera and it was fine. We've been looking...
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    Convergence un-corrected screenshots - Shot on RED

    Convergence was a shot film shot here in Houston a few weeks ago. These are just some uncorrected screenshots.
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    Convergence un-corrected screenshots - Shot on RED
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    Lazy Weekdays by ThinkBig Productions
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    Monkey Streaks shot on RED Shot and edited in 12 hours, all in camera.
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    Monkey Streaks from the Red One

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    video shot on red

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    tips on raising money for a short

    It is really blowing my mind that student films are being made with these budgets.
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    How to Write Screenplays?(help)

    your best bet is to read actual scripts. I haven't found any screenwriting books to be particularly helpful