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    MX Sensor

    Thank you. Also it seems like a lot of people tend to shoot with it at 800 outside. It just seems hard to wrap my mind around shooting at such a high ISO in daylight. Esp. with the risk of IR with the amount of ND you need. Is this something you would recommend? Or should a lower ISO like 500...
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    MX Sensor

    Does a light meter now give you the correct exposure when using the new MX? So if the meter is set to 800 or 640 ISO (etc) and the camera is at either 800 or 640 the reading your meter will get will be the correct lens stop? I know most digital cameras its good to get ratios and make things...
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    Arri Alexa

    I have been reading a lot about the Alexa but since its brand new I haven't found much tests with it or a breakdown of the best ways to use it as you can find on reduser. I have two questions. Since its base ASA is 800 is that the best to shoot with even outdoors? It seems if you bring it down...
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    16mm Highlights

    I just finished up my final project for school on 16mm 7219. I was using some source 4 lekos to create some highlights in my frame for a day interior. There were small patches that I didn't mind letting burn out. From what I remember they were around 3 1/2 - 4 stops over my incident base reading...
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    Frame Guides/Ground Glass

    Thank you. In that case would you frame for whats going to be projected?
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    Frame Guides/Ground Glass

    I was recently a camera PA on a RED shoot. It was shooting 4kHD with 2:40 frame lines. What I noticed was right before the rectangle solid frame guide their were 4 corner marks. What are those marks? Are they the edges of frame? I thought the solid line right outside it was. Or are they some...
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    Daytime Sun Backlight

    I just shot a short film on 16 (7205). I ran into a really big contrast problem. We were shooting on a beach and it was a real bright sunny day and I found at some times to be reading a 4 stop difference between the background and the shadow side of the character (they were backlit). I didn't...
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    2 Very Different Question

    Hello I have to very different question one pertaining to electric and the other filmstock. First what should you use when filming outside right when the sun is gone but the sky is not quite dark yet? Do you use tug. to get the blue hue or daylight balanced film? Second what do you need when...