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    funny Halloween Movie!

    This film is really well done and hilarious! Henry Winkler for prez!
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    Sudoku: The Movie!!!

    Hey everybody! Check out my music video Sudoku: The Movie! If you dig it, please send it around ! If you don't then send me hate mail. yeah! Check it out !
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    New (really funny) short!

    Hey everyone! It's beel a while....Boo Ya Pictures has got a brand new short film we think you guys are gunna dig! Tell us if you laughed, or thought it was hip. Thanks dudes.
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    My Short Movie!

    New movie is up under SKETCHES at Let us know what you think! Happy Holidays The Boo Ya Team
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    Hey guys! Check out this new artistic peice of genius. Made it about 2 years ago. Hope you guys dig it!