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  1. walshfilmmaker

    Why Indie Filmmakers Should NOT Shoot 4K!

    I have a 4k camera, but don't both shooting on 4K unless there is a reason, as it can just be so much more effort in the edit. Shoot for the viewing medium, if its gunna be shown on the big screen, shoot 4k, if its going online, don't bother unless the spec says it needs to be. The only other...
  2. walshfilmmaker

    Shoot Flat and post process or capture color during the shoot?

    'Shooting flat' is a filmmaking term for shooting without any settings baked in. This is called RAW when taking stills. Normally when you take a photo the colour balance, colour settings (saturation etc), and ISO - basically all the digital modifications are baked into the photo, meaning once...
  3. walshfilmmaker

    Looking for London based beginner/student DP's

    Have you checked out the Facebook group 'London Filmmaking Network'? There is around 9k people on there and always seems to be posts on there linking people up. If your looking for just students, drop some of the uni's around london an email and ask for the message to be passed onto their media...