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  1. TRIPART studio

    Proof of Life (2020) | Short quarantine film

    Lockdown makes the two singles spend their first date in video chat. Both have to answer the question of whether this means no commitment or a lack of trust.
  2. TRIPART studio

    EDGE (Short movie)

    In our group we have people with and without film education. This project was created in a larger number of people without film education :)
  3. TRIPART studio

    EDGE (Short movie)

    Two years ago, my friend was fascinated by the 'fit' style and the gym. From the day of filling, it became her passion, which was transformed into obsessions. She changed her diet, life, friends, attitude and goals. From the 'normal' girl, she became a maniacal person blindly striving for an...
  4. TRIPART studio

    EDGE (Short movie)

    The blind pursuit of the perfection of body brings unexpected results to the girl.
  5. TRIPART studio

    Short movie "EVERYDAY BEAUTY"

    This is our short movie for "5 minutes of life" Competition. Hope u like it :)
  6. TRIPART studio

    Nonentity 2016

    Hello We would love to show u trailer of our upcoming short movie. We hope that u'll enjoy it :) Tell us what u think about it ;)
  7. TRIPART studio

    Short Movie - Apathy (2016)

    Hi there! I'm So thrilled for my first post here We are group of young movie makes from Poland - We would like to share our work with people from whole world, so here we are! We would like to present you our new short project - Apathy / Description /...