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  1. grinner

    finally updated the ole reel

    It's been a while. Somehow I've become the drive through of video over the years. In turning around projects so fast, reel fodder is hard to come by. It's good to get to spend some time makin' some cool lookin' stuff again.
  2. grinner

    I moved my studio
  3. grinner

    "pit stop"

    I enjoy making behind the scenes shorts for the local brewery's superbowl spots, ect. This one is for this year's Daytona 500 and, being a car enthusiast, this is one of my favorites so far so I thought I'd share it here: It's fun to watch so many directors work so...
  4. grinner

    some superbowl spot sneak peaks

    Every year, I make behind the scenes documentaries for Anheuser-Busch's superbowl commercials. Here are 3 cool ones for 2010: keep an eye out for the finished spots on...
  5. grinner

    Cruisin' with Meister

    an old fighter pilot shows me why (and how) cars are such a big part of his life: be careful out there.
  6. grinner

    Janelle's Bike

    I'm alife-long car enthusiast and this is why: Unconditional comaraderie. Beautiful.
  7. grinner

    the midlife crisis tour

    Some dudes buy a red vette and act a fool when they reach the top of the hill. I felt a need to return to my old stimpin' grounds and bring the camera along: awesome.
  8. grinner

    Escape Artists

    I love to make documentaries. I love to travel. I love hangin' with my family. Combining these passions, I am creating a new show that highlights the art of escaping on a budget. My family and I shot a test show and while every scheduled event was cancelled due to weather, man we had a great...
  9. grinner

    Beatle Bob

    Nobody in the world has seen more concerts than the legendary and mysterious Beatle Bob. Rumored to be everything from a big wig in the music industry to a crazy homeless dude, he's nothing less than intriguing. So when he asked me to go on a road trip with him, of course I grabbed the camera...
  10. grinner

    Beyond Backstage

    About ten years ago, I wanted to create and pitch a true reality show that did not include a crew. I literally wanted home movies from bands on tour so I met with Styx, explained my vision, handed em a couple of miniDV cameras and off they went:
  11. grinner

    Modern Day Cowboys

    Labors of love are what keep us from gettin' burned out. This project was just that... fun. It was me and my two sons just having a good time. No agenda. No deadline. just clownin with a camera: :rolleyes: