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  1. grinner

    questions about fcp 7

    Well, look at it. Adobe products work hand in hand with each other. Every editor today, no matter what NLE is chosen, leans on After Effects to enhance coolness. Most of us outside the the Premiere world are use to exporting to, doing outr thing, rendering, reimporting, going back to tweek...
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    how to simulate the news

    You can dink with virtual sets but it's quicker and easier to just call your local news stations and ask for some time to pop in and shoot what you need on their set.
  3. grinner

    What editing software to use?

    Is your shop transitioning to Premiere, Tim?
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    editing style question!

    Pacing is not something you can learn in a book. You'll learn it by putting time in the chair man. Edit on...
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    questions about fcp 7

    Apple has bigger better things to focus than video post-production... hence the killing of FCP as we knew it. That said, man, tools have very little to do with art. The artist is the creator. Many a great shot has been made with nothing more than windows movie maker. You can either create...
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    very cool, Kim

    very cool, Kim
  7. grinner

    Problems with working with actors

    the key is to get real actors. They are trained to offer seamless continuity by repeating the same action, business, and delivery each take. Most first time filmmakers utilize resources and that means friends and family who have never done it. This is why their films get laughed at, not because...
  8. grinner

    advice needed on lighting

    I like harsh, cheap, battery powered LEDs, especially when doing anything horror related. You can find all kinds of affordable and admitidly cheezy solutions. I often wear a dimmable LED headband that allows me to change color temp on the fly and I like to accent my surroundings with bike LEDs...
  9. grinner

    Videography and Cinematography

    Capability and modular options. Videography is the art of shooting video. Cinematography is the art of shooting film. Every now and then you still hear an old schooler refer to a video shoot as filming something. It can get them into budget trouble. I mean, if a client asked me to film...
  10. grinner

    Help with Lens

    you'll find a variety of lenses on sites like bandHphoto. The strength in many cameras today is interchangable lenses that control depth of ield better than a stocker lens can.
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    I've never made a deal on the spot but I have landed deals as direct result of pitching at these festivals. Often, should the person you are pitching to not be a perfect match, they'll refer you to somebody they know who is looking for that exact content. It's not unlike fishin'. The more lines...
  12. grinner

    Intimate scenes - what do I do?

    Actually it's about how much you support her in what she's into. When you get older you will know the most attractive thing a woman sees in a man is confidence. Showing the opposite will indeed send her packin' over time. You sound very young. You'll learn this one way or another. You could...
  13. grinner

    Intimate scenes - what do I do?

    If you have a problem with your actor GF acting, it really is your problem, not hers. You'll get over it or lose her.
  14. grinner

    Cleaning up bad video quality?

    The bare bones trooth is ya can't. You can hide imperfections with glows and blurs though. You may also think about PIP effects rather than full screen.
  15. grinner

    Legal action against me for not Film Permit?

    You only need permits to be on grounds that would otherwise be trespassing. You need no releases for structures.
  16. grinner

    Proper Way Of Using A Exposure Meter

    You'll aim it at the scene or principal. It's what you'll be shooting so that's the exposure you wanna measure. Aim it at a light and it'll peg. Aim it at your camera and it'll show underexposed. There is lots of confusion over this for some reason but don't let it be. You are measuring the...
  17. grinner

    Up-rez defined

    Correct. In movies, you often hear "zoom and enhance" lol Well, zooming is no problem but you can't just push a button and create information that doesn't exist. I use After Effects for uprezing because my NLE is an Avid and just tears the hell out of images when doing anything in the DVE...
  18. grinner

    Editing on film

    That's just for distribution purposes as so much money is tied up in old school projection. "They" who say film is doomed should just say it was a great format and will be replaced. Will it happen overnight? If it gives you an indication, the first FCC mandate for the switch to HD was Jan 1...
  19. grinner

    Black Sheep - Short Film in HD

    But it keeps you from marketing it. Was this just for fun/experience? Looks like a lot of work.
  20. grinner

    Toyota Commercial

    or a PSA with a muppet saying "if your cruise control software malfuntions, instead fo calling your husband on the cell phone while driving, telling him goodbye should you die.... simply take the car out of gear and apply the brakes."