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    Editing programs

    If you are still looking for PC video editing software (on the cheap), you might want to look into "Vegas Movie Studio 6", which is basically a cheap consumer version of "Vegas" I've looked into it and it appears to retain most...
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    Film Compression for Internet

    Here are my tips: - Use a QuickTime format (QT is the most compatible) - Use Sorensen 3 (more compatible) or H.246 (better compression) - Halve the frame rate (i.e. 24=12 or 30=15) - Halve the size (640=320) - If its wide screen, remember to crop off the top and bottom of the frame. This way...
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    A good Computer?

    15in Monitor: Very limiting. You will be much happier if you invested in a second, preferably bigger monitor. Dell's 20 inch widescreens are very nice, and relatively cheap. What editing software do you plan to use? Different editing programs run better on different hardware. Also, as Mark just...
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    What Camera?

    At that budget, I would suggest saving your money for a higher end camera as well (DVX100A & XL2). Otherwise, look into renting cameras. If you had to buy a camera, I would suggest the AG-DVC30. This camera is basically the 'little brother' of the DVX100a, and shares a lot of the same image...
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    trouble thinking im going to get taken serious!

    I've found that a good way to convince people that you're serious about filmmaking is to show enthusiasm for your film. Don't just tell your crew what to do, tell them why they should do it. Convince them that this film is worth making. If you're not commited, why should they be? Really care for...
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    Who does your storyboards?

    For my films, I use a combination of many sources: -Stick figures inside rectangles on lined binder paper -Photography (Usually just me pointing the camera at myself) -Screenshots from previous films I've done. Sometimes I composite multiple sources together to get the desired frame, i.e...
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    Does anyone know of good film schools

    If you are still looking for film schools, San Francisco State and UC Stanta Cruz have good film programs. Also: Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.