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  1. Kyero2016

    Composer Looking For Work

    I have signed up for the networking music page, but when I try to upload music to a created playlist the music files aren't accepted or uploaded. Is there a wait period before I can upload anything like that or a post count I have to reach? The files are basic .mp3 files so I don't know why it...
  2. Kyero2016

    Composer Looking For Work

    It wouldn't be a bad idea in my opinion. Even though many young and aspiring filmmakers want the best quality music they can get their hands on, sometimes it's better to first let them get used to people with time and experience roughly equivalent to their own in their respective field. Student...
  3. Kyero2016

    Composer Looking For Work

    Hello everyone, I'm Kyero. I have been composing music now for around 3-4 years, and I consider my skills to be at a high-intermediate level. I can compose powerful orchestral works thanks to the software I have, so if you are of the mind to add a rich, dense orchestral score to your project...
  4. Kyero2016

    Composer seeking film scoring opportunities

    Hello everyone, I'm Kyero. I am an aspiring composer searching for any opportunity I can to score for films. The film genres I am most comfortable composing for are Horror, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. My software of choice is EastWest, of which I have access to the Composer Cloud...