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    Moving soon

    Just thought I'd mention that I'm moving to Canada in two weeks, I've left my job so I have time to pack everything up and do all the nonsense that I have to get done before I leave, so I'm not going on the Internet much until mid-August. I think there's at least one other moderator on the...
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    james2100 spam

    I've just deleted about a dozen camera sales spams from james2100, someone who can block users should probably block them in case they do it again.
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    Anyone in Saskatoon?

    For somewhat complicated reasons I'm going to be moving to Saskatoon in Canada in the summer: anyone know if there's anything going on movie-related around there? I have acquaintances in Edmonton who do some movie work, but no idea about that part of the world.
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    We seem to have had a major outbreak of spam today: I've deleted about a dozen messages from the forums I'm a moderator for, but there are plenty still left in other forums from the same people ('Gramham' and 'Sterence0').
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    Avid's HDV-compatible version of Xpress Pro HD (version 5.2) has just been released. Can't vouch for how well it works, but I'm downloading it from Avid's site right now :).
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    Lighting tips for shooting with miniDV? Canon-XL1...

    Not sure about the XL1, but in my experience DV footage tends to look best around f/4 or f/5.6. So if you can get a bit more light then that would probably be helpful.
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    Framing in HD?

    This may well be a stupid question, but what's the best method of framing shots in HD? I was shooting some showreel scenes for some actors yesterday and mostly kept the action in the 'safe zone' markings on my Z1 viewfinder, but that means I have quite a bit of headroom in some shots when...
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    Sony HC1

    Another Sony HDV camera is about to hit the market, rather cheaper than the previous models:
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    Sony Z1

    BTW, I have a Z1 on my lap right now, so if anyone wants some hands-on opinion I can try to answer any questions :). So far I've only had a chance to film the dog in the back garden, but generally it's produced a great picture with decent sound: unfortunately I don't have an HDTV to view...
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    FX1 hack

    Looks as though if you're sufficiently mad or brave, you can modify your FX1 to take Nikon lenses rather than the standard lens :).
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    Xpress Pro HD

    Looks like Avid are finally starting to get serious about taking on Apple: they're supposed to be releasing a new version of Xpress Pro with HD support in the next few weeks: Shame that HDV support is still six months away!
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    Photo CD

    Anyone know of a free program that can extract Photo CD files at full resolution? I have some stills I want to drop into a video, but all the programs I've tried will only extract the lowest-resolution image, not the full 4k-ish image. Kind of bizarre that my Unix workstation years ago could...
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    Green screen on DV

    Anyone had any success with green screen on DV? I've been thinking about making a short that would be entirely shot green-screen with virtual sets just as an experiment, but my test shots at the weekend weren't very successful due to the poor color resolution of DV: the boundaries were really...
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    'Spy Kids 2'

    I just thought I'd mention the DVD of this movie: you might not think much of the movie itself, but I found the director's commentary and the other extras really interesting, particularly the ways Rodriguez did the sets so cheaply and the comments on the benefits of HD and of doing multiple jobs...
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    silent films

    Does anyone know if there are any old copyright-free B&W silent films on the web to download? Or good DVDs that I could buy? I'm thinking of making a short film in that style, and it would be handy to get hold of a few to do some research first... while I've seen a lot of clips from various...
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    'Bad Taste'

    Having just watched this movie (Peter Jackson's first low-budget feature, shot over four years for very little money) for the first time in quite a while, I thought it was worth pointing out for anyone who wants to do effects with very little money and hasn't seen this one. It was interesting...
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    Final Draft 7 compulsory activation

    Just so you know, since I can't find any mention of it on the web site, whereas Final Draft up to version 6 gave you the option of activating the program or always having the CD in the drive for authentication when you started up, Final Draft 7 _requires_ stupid activation nonsense to run, with...
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    HD editing news

    Neat, looks like Avid and Premiere are going to support HDV editing soon: However, from the look of that page Adobe may be adding stupid 'Product Activation' stuff, which...