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    VIPER (A Hitchcockian Thriller)

    1,000 views! Thanks everybody for checking it out. :)
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    GWStreicher Music!

    Hello all! I'm George Streicher, a professional composer working on trailer music in Los Angeles. Check out my YouTube channel and feel free to ask permission to use any of the tracks. (Some are not licensable because a company owns them now.) GWStreicher Music I'm also open to doing...
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    VIPER (A Hitchcockian Thriller)

    The Viper is coming... Watch VIPER Here... A lone criminal, hiding in a safe house, is terrorized by a mysterious caller. This short film draws inspiration from the cinematic stylings of Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg and 'The Twilight Zone.' This short was shot in 2 days on the Canon 5D...
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    Frances Ford Coppala's greatest asset

    I've actually had the good fortune of meeting Francis, as well as several other of his extended family members. Right off the bat, it was apparent that he has always placed the utmost priority on film as an art form. He always encouraged creativity his children and nephews and nieces. It's no...