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    Steadicam Question

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to outfit the $14 steadicam for an XL2. The one on the site look like it can't handle the weight, so I was wondering if I just needed to add more counter weight or anything else. Thanks. -Marc
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    Lighting a Bathroom

    Hey, I was just wondering how to go about lighting a specific film I plan to do this summer. The biggest chunk of the film takes place in a bathroom (flourescent lights and white walls) in my school. My school has some no name lighting kit, with about four lights and stands, and I have access...
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    XL2 and tripod

    Is there any other way to mount an XL2 to a tripod or do I have to buy the $160 adapter. Are there cheaper ones out there? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
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    Quick Question

    My neighbor is really into my prospective career/hobby as a filmmaker, and he has agreed to buy a Canon XL-2 and give me free use of it. Nice gesture, eh? Anyway...I just need to do I get the video from the camera transfered to my computer to edit. I was told I need a firewire...