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    i need advice with wide angle or telephoto

    Hi, i really need to get a shallow depth of field for my short, to make it look more like film, but here's the question. A telephoto lens can give me shallow depth of field? Or should i buy a wide angle lens and zoom my camera to get the depth of field? I don't know what to do. I like the wide...
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    where do i have to place security floodlights

    I bought 2 security floodlights (500w) and a china lantern for soft light with 100w bulb. I really need to know where to place the floodlights, at what distance, and the china lantern too. I want to know how can i make the background dark and only the subject lit. Hope you help me!
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    should i use a low-budget steadicam or my cam stabilizer?

    Which one do you recommend? I'll buy a panasonic pv-gs500, it has Optical Image Stabilizer and i've read good reviews about it. But i want some action scenes with the steadicam look, so i don't know if i use the optical image stabilizer from the camera or use the low-budget stabilizer. Please help!
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    Invisible force

    hey i wanted to know if there is a way to make the actor getting hit by a an "invisible force". Like she's walking and then she's pushed against a wall. Any way of what can i do to make this effect? I'm thinking about shooting the scene in reverse but i don't think if it's going to look realistic.
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    I don't really know which kind of mic i'm buying.

    I'll be doing a short this christmas but i'm buying all the stuff right now and interested in a cheap microphone but i don't know what kind of mic it is (shotgun, cardiod, etc...) I appreciate if you take a look at the image and tell me what i'm buying haha. (and if it can be used with a mic...