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    What do you think?

    Have been writing this for a couple of days, for an Acquaintance from the boards here. Just wondering if I'm doing it all right, as I'm writing it as a short film piece.
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    I need to channel creativity.Thought this could be the right

    Nice to meet you sir. Enjoy your stay here.
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    Religious Filmmaker

    Go for it dude. Us members of student filmakers are always willing to advise and help in any way we can.
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    Idea Development

    I know this sounds like a half a zillion gits out there already, but I've got an idea for an horror movie. Don't know if it's origional or not, but hey it's mine. I've always found that working with someone helps a hell of a lot, so hit me up if yer interested.
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    Screen writing project

    The following link is a project that I'm working on atm, any opinions on it, are appreciated.
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    Hi, The name's Thomas Laughlin, hailing from New Zealand. Just putting this post up to anyone thats in need of a screenwriter that works for peanuts. Unfortionatly I don't have any experience yet, but am roaring and ready to roll. I am open to criticism, and although I have a thing for Horror...